9 ways to build a seamless collaboration with your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant can really help you get things done in your business. You’ll get flexible access to an organised professional who can take those time-consuming tasks off your hands. Not to mention you get help without the hassle of hiring an employee. But how can you make sure things go smoothly and nothing gets lost in translation? Here are 9 ways to build a seamless collaboration with your virtual assistant.

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  • Identify and share your objectives

When you’re not physically in one place, it’s more important than ever that you and your virtual assistant are on the same page. The best way to start things off on the right foot is to share these things:

✅ What your goals are

✅ What your expectations are

✅ What your virtual assistant has to deliver and when

✅ What their responsibilities are

  • Document what you’ve agreed

Another good way to ensure successful collaboration with your virtual assistant is to document what you’ve spoken about and agreed on. So document your objectives, responsibilities, action plans, and anything else you’ve agreed. It will be handy to have things to refer back to when something needs clarifying.

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  • Check-in with your virtual assistant frequently

Checking in is not about micromanaging, it’s about building a good working relationship and being available to support your virtual assistant. Agree on how and when you’ll have check-ins when you first start working together.

  • Schedule meetings and stick to work agreed work hours

There will be times when you need a quick chat with your virtual assistant, or they need to reach you about something. However try to schedule meetings and chats, and respect their time. If you’re constantly emailing or messaging it will feel like micromanaging. Sticking to contacting them within their agreed work hours is also important. Messaging your virtual assistant at 10 pm on a Saturday is not the best way to build a good working relationship.

  • Use collaboration tools that work for you both

There are some excellent tools available to help you achieve smooth collaboration with your virtual assistant. From software like Slack for organising work and sharing information to Teams for video calls, instant chat, and more, they can really help things stay on track.

  • Try new things

To stay organised, your virtual assistant most likely has a lot of tools at their disposal. They might suggest ways that you can work better together. Is something repeatedly getting lost in translation? Is the software you’re using to collaborate a little bit clunky or not really fit for purpose? If your virtual assistant suggests something that might improve things, you could have a lot to gain by giving it a go. And do give your VA feedback.

  • Consider virtual socialising

One of the most difficult things about working remotely is that it can feel isolating. There are no after-work drinks or impromptu catch-ups over coffee as you’d have in the workplace. Why not book a regular virtual coffee break with your virtual assistant? You don’t have to talk about work, just use it as a chance to forge a real connection.

  • Avoid distractions

Good collaboration doesn’t mean staying in contact or sending emails back and forth all day. While it’s good to have access to multiple communication channels, it can be very distracting. Make contact for as long as is necessary to share information or give feedback, but after that, let your virtual assistant get on with it.

  • Celebrate wins and acknowledge good work

When you are working remotely, it’s even more important to celebrate wins and say thank you for a job well done. Has your virtual assistant’s work contributed to you winning a new contract? Tell them. Are you grateful that they were able to turn something around for you last minute? Say thank you. Never underestimate how much these things will help build a great working relationship and encourage your virtual assistant to go the extra mile for you.

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